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August 2020


My vision for creating and curating 'Faustian Fashion & Folkways' since 2009, has always been driven by a passionate synthesis of Satanism and Nietzschean philosophy, with an archeofuturistic revival of pre-Christian pan-European culture, and inspiration from Neofolk, Black Metal, and Industrial music. 

Recently all content at, including our entire e-commerce catalogue, was permanently deleted. Here is a sample of the message received from the host:

We have recently been made aware that your account,, is in violation of Shopify’s Acceptable Use Policy [1] (AUP).  As a result, we are no longer able to host your store on our platform.


We have determined that your account is in violation of the Hateful Content category of Shopify's AUP due to the content on your shop, including for example the following (note that this is not an exhaustive




I will not discuss the absurdity or lack of evidence for the claim of violating the AUP with "Hateful Content" by offering merchandise printed with ancient European symbols such as the Valknut, but as each of the aforementioned elements that form ASP Culture are now widely classified as "Hateful Content", and having already been censored on the major social media platforms for the same reason in recent years, it is clear that the ASP Culture project cannot continue in the current climate of Europhobic censorship and anarcho-tyranny.

Please note: Business prior to the deplatforming will be honoured and completed in due course.


I make for my goal, I follow my course; over the loitering and tardy will I leap. Thus let my on-going be their down-going!

This had Zarathustra said to his heart when the sun stood at noon-tide. Then he looked inquiringly aloft,--for he heard above him the sharp call of a bird. And behold! An eagle swept through the air in wide circles, and on it hung a serpent, not like a prey, but like a friend: for it kept itself coiled round the eagle's neck.

"They are mine animals," said Zarathustra, and rejoiced in his heart.

"The proudest animal under the sun, and the wisest animal under the sun,-- they have come out to reconnoitre.

They want to know whether Zarathustra still liveth. Verily, do I still live?

More dangerous have I found it among men than among animals; in dangerous paths goeth Zarathustra. Let mine animals lead me!"

Thus Spake Zarathustra, Friedrich Nietzsche